Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dream Girl's Kind of Place

Online edition of India's National Newspaper
Monday, Feb 04, 2008


It’s like telling me to choose one favourite film from the hundred odd I have done. My journey round the globe began as a Bharatnatyam artiste. I vividly remember the excitement of discovering the history-rich Russia when I performed at the Festival of India. Then films happened and more travelling too. Besides the thrill of facing the camera, the chance to be on the move and explore places is a perk. I have visited the U.S., Europe (especially the gorgeous Switzerland), the Middle East, Malaysia and the U.K. several times.
The English charm

There’s something special about every country. But the English charm works magic on me. I am as chilled out in London as I am at home in Chennai. One reason is because my sister lives there. Theatre is the other attraction. It’s a fabulous experience to watch plays. I love walking down the Oxford Street, picking up knick-knacks, cosmetics and trendy clothes. The parks, lakes, museums, the countryside… there’s a lot to see. You need at least a week to get know to know London.
Next stop

I am eagerly awaiting my first trip to Japan. I am going there for a dance show. Some day I want to visit China.
Salad days

It’s not difficult to be a vegetarian and a globe trotter these days. Indian food is very popular out in the West. Anyway, I don’t like to waste time fussing over food when travelling. Salad, sandwiches and fresh fruits are enough to keep me going.

Light. I mean mentally too.